Why women have taken up the ‘Kayan Mata’ Aphrodisiac.

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By Aisha Onize

Kayan Mata has become a resounding trend in the lives of women of this generation and one can not help but wonder what it’s all about. Interestingly, it originated from the northern part of Nigeria which literally means ‘a woman’s property’ meant to be used in preparing bride’s for marriage and ensuring that women could please their men and have a healthy sex life while married.

However, the popularity of the aphrodisiac is no longer limited to the northern part of Nigeria alone but every part of the country as the men also have ‘Maganin Maza'(medication for men) for the same purpose of enhancing love and intimacy.

The importance of Kayan Mata cannot be over emphasized as it is a long standing tradition in the north for five centuries. It is made from herbs, spices, fruits and roots which explains its naturalness. It comes in various types and different forms. It doesn’t cost much to get the type of Kayan mata that works for you as it can be prepared at home with recipes such as rice, honey, millet, dates, coconut, tiger nuts, watermelon, jujube and baobab.

‘Simi’ as one of the types of Kayan Mata increases sexual arousement. It’s made of herbs mixed with cow milk. ‘Gindin Ayu’, another potent drink used to ‘trap’ men is made of milk and fish sperm (a certain kind of fish). It is however expensive and used once in a while because the fish in question is hard to find.

‘Kunun Aya’, the simplest kayan mata dish in use which is gotten from a blend of tiger nuts, coconuts and dates. ‘Turaren Wuta’ (incense), Dan Mannau (Glue), ‘Zuman Mata’ (Women’s honey), ‘Zazuba Kama’ (red powder) are the rest of the kayan mata that do the magic.

The increased usage of Kayan Mata however sprung the controversy linking it to ‘black magic’ as some of them (‘Gindun Ayu’ precisely) are used to trap a man and keep him stuck to one woman whether he wants to be with her or not thereby preventing the man from finding sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Experts and sellers however debunk this assertion, saying it is false and a malicious way of dissuading women from using it by people detest its usage.

These aphrodisiacs’ popularity on the rise begs the question on the lips of people as to knowing if it’s healthy or otherwise. Although on the face look, they seem to be healthy since they contain natural ingredients. However, the ingredients depend on the individual stocking to buy mixtures with pure ingredients. Also, for the incense burning and glue being stuck in the vagina are also obviously not healthy. Therefore, extra caution has to be taken if one chooses to purchase and use the product.

Meanwhile, Kayan Mata is fundamentally created for married women, as it is believed in the north that it drives men crazy, stimulates sexual desire with increases libido, provides better performance and greater sexual experience thereby strengthening the bond between couples.

Sadly, this aphrodisiac according to observation is now being abused by single ladies that are not ‘would be brides’ for selfish reasons which range from canal pleasures, financial gains which has also promoted infidelity leading to the high rate of divorces in the North.

The tradition of the use of Kayan Mata aphrodisiac to enhance physical intimacy, keep passion burning strong between spouses is a legacy passed from generation to generation and not going into extinction anytime soon.

Aisha is a freelance journalist based in Abuja, Nigeria.

12 thoughts on “Why women have taken up the ‘Kayan Mata’ Aphrodisiac.

  1. Thanks for this beautiful and highly informative piece. I always wonder if the so called Kayan Mata for ‘trapping’ men works tho; the northerners harldy have one wife despite all the ‘trapping’ done by their women. Well, they probably have a Kayan Mata antidote to ‘untrap’ themselves.

  2. This is a beautiful exposé. Boldly explicit in every right, and doesn’t shy away from touching the finer details of the misuse of these products either, even in its ordinately straight-to-the-point conciseness.

  3. Aptly put. Please the need to caution the use of “Kayan Mata” for canal pleasure, financial gain and in short function and adultery must me lauded.

  4. Real truth about kayan Mata but its been abused and a few don’t believe in it anymore ..this is good explanation hope a lot see this and understand the real use and the people to use it .

  5. I agree with the write-up!. I strongly believe that this was initially made for brides to be and wives/husbands to improve their sexual life especially those who have one or two problems during sex however its being misused, instead its used to gain money, increases the no of broken homes etc, but what can we do than to keep elightening people, they cant be forced not to use it, they cant stop using it and like you said its not going into extinction anytime soon.

  6. Frankly prior to this article I thought it was some kinda witch trap but thank you so much for this cause now it’s clear that it definitely isn’t. And the writing is simple and clear… This is a beautiful piece

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