Who’s “The Conch”? A glance contained in the world of sports activities betting – Philadelphia Sports activities Nation


Sports betting is the latest craze across the nation and thousands and thousands of fans have created a community that revolves around them. The legal sports betting in PA went officially live in November 2018, just over two years ago. Since then, Philadelphia has become something of an “epicenter” for sports betting in the US. One man took advantage of this and launched his brand “The Conch Mob” on social media.

He’s become an interesting following in the Sixers Twittersphere, and I thought it would take me some time to find out who exactly “The Conch” is.

First and foremost, can you give me some background information about yourself ?:

I graduated Pitt as a computer engineer about a year and a half ago. Of course, I made good use of that and started applying it to sport in my spare time

How long have you been in sports, especially in the NBA ?:

Sports? My whole life. Football was the most important thing that grew up. In the past 5-7 years I’ve gotten more into the NBA.

Where did your interest in the Sixers come from ?:

I’ve always been an Eagles fan and a Philly fan overall. Of course, as my interest in the NBA grew, the Sixers fandom followed suit

Can you explain the conch mob to us and exactly what you did ?:

The conch mob is what I call myself along with everyone who engages with me on Twitter. The Mob is a group promoting the use of data to find an edge in sports and create a responsible and intelligent betting community. My goal is to change the way people view sports betting. Most see it as heads or tails, one side of a spread, or another, but I’m confident that with data paired with external information that we always use, you can increase profitability.

Where did you get the idea for the “Conch Mob” from ?:

When I wrote my first script for the NBA years ago, I called it the magic clam. Mostly as a joke because it “had all the answers”. I tweeted here and there on my burner account and ended up calling my account the same way. Next, I started building a bigger fan base and never changed the name. My friend coined the phrase “Conch Mob” and I didn’t look back. I’m the conch now and we’re all the conch mob.

How successful has this company been so far ?:

I strive to finish the sessions of the year just like any other persistent weather. I view this as an investment rather than a gamble, and am working to beat the markets. My naked minimum The annual goal is to grow my account by 10% and expand it continuously. I have already exceeded this goal by far. Let’s just say I’ll be filing some extra taxes next year!

How did you get into sports betting ?:

I started learning about it years ago and was always interested. Of course, like everyone else, I lost a few dollars and didn’t like it … so I did something to change that

What advice would you give anyone just getting their feet wet in the world of sports betting ?:

Don’t just ditch a few things or blindly put your entire account in one bet. Divide your account into units (1-2.5% of the balance you want to use for betting) and bet on trust. Find your strategy, stick with it, and at the end of the day, remember that it is still literally an entire gamble.

You can follow Justin, aka “The Conch”, on Twitter @ConchPicks! Also make sure to check out his Patreon to access his scripts and find other ways to support his work.