The committee hears plans to faucet the on line casino’s income and permit nationwide sports activities betting in Nebraska


She said she filed the application well in advance of other companies filing similar claims for tax revenue for casinos and before the counties and cities built gambling money into their budgets.

Two other measures, Legislative Resolution 26CA introduced by Omaha Senator Brett Lindstrom and the LB 545 introduced by Omaha Senator Justin Wayne, would enable sports betting nationwide.

The initiative language, which allows all “games of chance” in the racetrack casinos, already enables sports betting at these locations.

However, Sean Ostrow, who represented sports betting firm DraftKings, argued that not all Nebraskans want to go to the casinos to bet on games. He also said that competition in sports betting would benefit the state.

Lindstrom’s proposal would change the state constitution to allow sports betting on a broader basis. Wayne’s bill aims to legalize sports betting and poker by defining them as games of skill that would not violate the constitutional limits of gambling.

Much of the hearing was spent on Brieses LB 560 and 561, which would substantiate the voter-approved laws.

Among other things, they would limit sports betting to people who are actually in the casinos, prohibit the use of credit cards for gambling in casinos, and allow people to be put on an exclusion list. The bills would allow new crimes for such things as fraud, manipulation of slot machines, or underage gambling. They would increase the age for horse racing betting from 19 to 21 to reach the casino age limit.