The Chicago police officer charged with Casey Urlacher in a sports activities competitors case assaulted his girlfriend, the federal government stated


Prosecutors allege a Chicago police officer charged a sports game case last year, which also led to charges against Casey Urlacher, who “violently assaulted his girlfriend” on Saturday.

They are now calling on US District Judge Virginia Kendall to put Nicholas Stella behind bars, claiming that he “has committed violent assaults on his partner in the past.” Stella’s attorney Michael Clancy did not immediately respond to comments Thursday.

Stella’s status with the Chicago Police Department is “Inactive” according to Sgt. Rocco Alioto, a CPD spokesman. A hearing on the allegations against Stella is scheduled for Wednesday, according to court records.

Stella was among 10 people charged in the gambling case last year. Casey Urlacher, mayor of the northern suburb of Mettawa and brother of the great Brian Urlacher of Chicago Bears, was among them. In the final hours of his presidency on Tuesday, Donald Trump pardoned Casey Urlacher.

But Stella is still being charged on the case. And US assistant attorney Terry Kinney wrote in a file Thursday that Stella’s friend reported “that he tried to kill her, strangle her, slapped her face, tore her blouse and stole her phone, so she couldn’t call 911 and then dragged her down the hall before he finally released her and fled. “

Kinney’s file shows that the attack took place at a Crowne Plaza hotel. It was said that a hotel guest had called the front desk to report that something “terrible” had happened. And even though Stella’s girlfriend apparently called 911, Kinney wrote that she has since chosen not to press charges.

“However, Stella has a history of violence against his domestic partner,” wrote Kinney, adding that she “is undoubtedly afraid of retaliation if charged.” He also wrote that Stella had not called, although he knew the police were looking for him.