Simplebet is increasing legalized sports activities betting in Montana with micro-markets sports activities information


Sportradar then sells this information for a fee to companies like Simplebet and Simplebet then turns it into a product for consumers.

Sportradar is contractually obliged to deliver the data within one second after an incident during a game. It then takes Simplebet about half a second to refine this data to automate the market mechanics and determine probabilities for each of the market selections that Levy says will affect prices.

“The problem with these odds is that, as a regular customer, you create these odds in real time using algorithms from the live feed they receive from the stadium,” said Holt. “Then the customer who relies on it at home sees a TV feed filled with latency. And so the feeds are almost never synchronized. “

It should also be noted that just because the bookmakers have a stream that is ahead of the weather doesn’t mean they can stack the odds in the book’s favor. Regulated markets prohibit this.

“We only work with regulated operators,” said Levy. “We use official league data and only work with regulated operators.”

“It’s not a fairness issue,” added Levy. “It’s more of a user experience issue.”

Products used by people at home, such as YouTube TV and Hulu Live Sports, can experience delays of up to a minute or two compared to the live feed.