On line casino brawl ends in celebration buses being cracked down on


According to the police, 70 people were involved in the affray. Photos show two people standing in front of cars while security guards watch.

The injuries ranged from black eyes to broken bones and cerebral hemorrhage – all in front of young children.

Three people were hospitalized and several others were injured after a fight broke out in the Perth’s Crown Casino parking lot last night (9News).

“The children saw their fathers dragged into this group and beaten, so they were utterly disturbed,” a witness told 9News.

A newly married couple who would not want their faces shown told 9News that they were on tour buses with their wedding guests when they were mugged.

“It was horrible – there were people on the ground getting their heads kicked. It was disgusting,” they said.

Several cars were vandalized, mirrors broken off and used as weapons.

“It seems that both groups arrived drunk, both are said to have been in these so-called party buses,” said WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson.

Injuries ranged from black eyes to broken bones and bleeding in the brain – all in front of young children (9News)

Today the top WA police officer called for action against the party bus industry.

“These operators … I’ll bring them to your attention immediately,” said Com. Dawson said.

“If you keep doing business like this, you will find a police car following you – and your patrons will receive very heavy police operations.”

He urges party bus operators and their drivers to be held liable for criminal charges.

WA Police CommissionerWA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson called for crackdown on party bus industry (9News)

“”[I’m] I’m not trying to be against the party, but this is violence, this is not a party, “said Com. Dawson.