Man units himself on fireplace by means of on-line gambling money owed



The late barber S Thyagarajan von Otteri had no child even after 10 years of marriage. It is said that he was upset about this and started playing online cricket games to distract attention whenever he was free at work.

Police said Thyagarajan lost about Rs 5 lakh online gambling that his family had to mortgage the house for. While they later sold the house that was unable to repay the amount, he again bought loans from non-bank financial firms and lost everything in the gambling. Unable to repay the loans during the lockdown, he received harassing calls to retrieve the bad loans and agents allegedly visited his home and threatened him. Dejected, he moved into his parents’ house two days ago and burned himself on Tuesday evening because the collection agents were visiting him there.

At around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Thyagarajan doused himself with a can of gasoline in front of his house and set himself on fire when his parents and relatives were in the house, police said.

They put out the fire with the help of the neighbors and took him to Kilpauk MCH. However, since he suffered 90 percent burns, Thyagarajan died Wednesday morning. Kodungaiyur police recorded one case.