Girl locked up for stealing greater than $ 800,000 from work to fund gambling


Angela Toelau was sentenced to three years in prison at the Manukau District Court.

Chris McKeen / Stuff

Angela Toelau was sentenced to three years in prison at the Manukau District Court.

A woman addicted to gambling tricked her into creating fake bills from her employer in an attempt to steal more than $ 800,000.

Angela Toelau, 49, worked as a senior customer service representative for Auckland-based Pacific Steel.

On Wednesday, Judge Jane Lovell-Smith sentenced the Flat Bush woman to three years in prison at Manukau District Court.

The court heard between 2016 and 2019 that she had started issuing false invoices to a customer.

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A total of $ 864,326 was then deposited into her father’s bank account and a sports club account she manages.

The money was then transferred to Toelau’s account and the activity was hidden from Pacific Steel.

Toelau’s attorney said she fully acknowledged the insult, took steps to combat her gambling addiction, and sought advice.

Prior to the sentencing, Toelau told a probation officer that she was seen again when she was caught.

Judge Lovell-Smith said Toelau was an intelligent person but was clearly a problematic player but who appeared genuinely repentant.

The judge said the offense was subtle and involved a high level of premeditation.

Toelau had the expertise to access systems to orchestrate the program, Judge Lovell-Smith.

“You have been with Pacific Steel since 2006 and had a position of trust and autonomy,” the judge said.

Toelau was assisted by large numbers of family members in court.

Judge Lovell-Smith did not issue an order for redress because Toelau was unable to repay the $ 864,326.