Georgia is contemplating increasing authorized gambling


In previous years, legislators grouped different forms of gambling under one bill, they have now separated them.

HAWKINSVILLE, Ga. – Two Republican lawmakers resubmit legislation to expand legal gambling in Georgia.

Unlike previous years, there are separate bills for different types of gambling.

Clarence Martin Jr., a trainer at the Hawkinsville Harness Training Center, said the expansion of legal gambling was a “win-win” situation.

“Nobody notices how much money comes from a horse,” said Martin.

The trainer currently has a dozen horses and said it costs about $ 600 a month to care for each horse. He believes that if the state allows people to bet on races, it could fuel economic growth.

“You would probably have a really good deal because there are a lot of people from the north who don’t come because they want to race,” said Martin.

These people might get lucky soon. Legislators have proposed several bills to expand gambling beyond the Georgia lottery.

In the past, the bills were all combined into one, now there are three separate bills.

They would help build three race tracks in the state; the other would allow voters to choose whether to support casinos; The third would legalize online sports betting.

“Think some of those could happen individually, but there might be opposition to the casino,” said Heath Clark, Houston county representative.

Clark said studies show casinos sometimes cause other problems, such as an increase in sex trafficking, drugs, and bankruptcy.

However, he believes that a racetrack in a rural area could be an economic asset.

“They have tourism, businesses would be opening, it would be an economic boom for an area like Hawkinsville,” said Clark.