Fog machines might save the gambling business


Has the solution to reducing Covid-19 transmissions always been as simple as a fancy magic show with lights, mirrors and fog? The New Jersey-based Grignard Company has obtained a waiver for its fog-like solution to suppress Covid-19 airborne transmission.

Grignard Pure, a unique continuous antimicrobial air treatment of its kind, sprays triethylene glycerin into the air and kills Covid-19 particles. While the liquid is used in all kinds of industrial manufacturing processes, it most likely emerged from smoke machines, such as a magic show or perhaps something more adult on the Las Vegas Strip.

The EPA approved an application from Georgia and Tennessee for use as “an additional tool in limited situations in support of the fight against COVID-19”.

Ross Mollison, founder of Las Vegas-based Spiegelworld and variety theater producer, hopes Nevada can get the same approval. “It sounds like a miracle elixir of hair, but the EPA says it works and it’s being tested in Broadway theaters,” Mollison said. “If it’s approved in Nevada, it will have tremendous uses from shopping malls to casino floors to places like ours.”

In her video showcasing the product, Grignard states that it could help keep people safe during a long vaccination process.

The CDC said at the beginning [pandemic] that the transmission rate is less likely in humid environments, ”said Mollison. “The virus attracts moisture [particles] on the ground. That actually kills it. And the really good thing about it is that it has been approved for audience use for decades. It’s not like putting a new chemical in the air. “

If an early introduction indicates that the product is successfully killing Covid-19 in the air, it can be an easy way for casinos, restaurants, and other previously crowded venues to re-open to full capacity long before an area reaches herd immunity. Given that the underlying chemicals are already approved for use and a bit of fog can’t be worse than rows of sheets of plexiglass, this seems like a no-brainer.