Emmerdale’s heartbreak for Mandy Dingle when she discovers Paul is taking part in once more


EMMERDALE fans are heartbroken for Mandy Dingle after she fired her fiancé Paul Ashdale.

The esthetician, played by actress Lisa Riley on ITV Soap, was on cloud nine after getting engaged to Paul last night.

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Mandy Dingle was furious when she dropped her fiancé Paul AshdalePhoto credit: ITV

But after brutally beating up their son Vinny, Paul was full of self-loathing and decided to admit again that he had played to try to change it.

However, many were devastated and angry with Paul – who did not confess to physically abusing son Vinny.

She threw him out immediately, but she was devastated when she realized that son Vinny knew Paul had played and hadn’t told her.

When Vinny went back into the parlor, Mandy apologized to him.


She found out all about his gambling addictionPhoto credit: ITV

She said, “Sorry, I yelled at you. I woke up this morning feeling like the happiest woman that has you and your father in my life.

“I thought, ‘You can stuff this stupid lottery because I’ve got everything I could ever want’.”

She added, “He’s weak, he’s a coward. He is just lost in his addiction. He’s just a shell.

“All the things we remember about him, that we loved, are gone.

But he didn't admit to physically abusing her son Vinny


But he didn’t admit to physically abusing her son VinnyPhoto credit: ITV

“We’ll never get him back, Vinny. It’s just you and me honey “

The audience was broken because Mandy was alone again.

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One wrote, “I’m so glad Paul came to Mandy. You and Vinny deserve better and Paul needs professional help.”

Another said, “Poor Mandy.”

Another added, “What a difference 24 hours makes. We went from Grease Lightning to Les Mis.”