Counter-Strike professionals are repeatedly banned from gambling


Illustration for articles with the title iCounter-Strike / i-Profis are repeatedly banned from gamblingImage: valve

Just a few months later A number of professional Counter-Strike players have been banned from betting on their own gamesThe Esports Integrity Commission has sanctioned 35 players for betting-related offenses.

These crimes took place in Australia, North America and Europe, and ESIC works with the police in every area, especially Australia, where such things can be against the law.

While ESIC says the sanctions are not yet an example of match-fixing, they add that “there is a high likelihood that they will be charging for match-fixing based on the ongoing investigation”.

The bans, which range in severity from 12 to 60 months, apply to a combination of players betting on their own games, betting in competition against their team, and generally only betting on games in competitions in which they are participating.