Casinos count on on-line gambling to be successful in drained Michigan


Sports betting has been legal in Michigan for almost a year, but until last Friday people had to place bets in person at a casino. Now you can do it online.

MICHIGAN, USA – Big news for our north this weekend as online sports betting is now legal in Michigan.

It is expected to be a big money maker for both casinos and the state.

Sports betting has been legal in Michigan for almost a year, but people have had to bet in person at a casino.

But as of Friday noon, online sports betting has been legal in the state.

This means you can place a sports bet anywhere in the state right from your phone or computer.

I-Gaming is now available too, meaning you can play any of your favorite casino games from your phone or computer too.

David Tsai, President of MGM Grand Detroit, says that in addition to convenience, online betting will bring some money back to the economy.

“As you can imagine, offering online gaming is another venue. Not only can we grow the market, we can now bring in more tax dollars, and we pride ourselves on our ability to do so,” said Tsai.

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Tsai says a spike in gambling addiction is possible once the new rules go into effect, but they have a strategy in place to ensure their guests are having fun until it is no longer fun.

“Sometimes a guest doesn’t enjoy it anymore. We train our staff. We inform our guests what this means and how they can actually stop it. We provide hotlines, resources and materials to ensure that people know how to recognize the signs for it. ” “Said Tsai.

Michigan restaurants and bars are still closed, which means the casinos aren’t currently offering anything either.

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And like everything else that went virtual over the past year, David expects the online sports betting business to gain momentum.

“I think it is also a good thing to allow people to do things virtually or online at home,” said Tsai. “Again, if it’s done correctly and safely.”

Nine operators are currently authorized to start. However, more are expected to be approved in the coming weeks.

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