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During the Revolution of Dignity, fire broke out and killed many in the building.

Photo by UNIAN

A huge poker club is about to open in the recently renovated union house, where tragic events occurred during the Revolution of Dignity (Maidan) in 2014.

“Unions will make another ‘mistake’ – a 1,000-seat poker club will be opened on Maidan Nezalezhnosti [Independence Square] soon “, as reported by Slidstvo.Info on Telegram.

According to journalists, there are signs of a shady casino where people gamble for money.

Dispute over the union building

During the Revolution of Dignity, demonstrators were guests at the union building. During the toughest days of the revolution, a fire broke out there that killed many people. The building has become one of the symbols of the Revolution of Dignity.

A new KFC chain restaurant was opened in this building on November 21, 2018.

also readThe Kiev court announced a special investigation by the ex-SBU chief into Maidan casesThis caused outrage among activists and led to rallies. Protesters and police clashed outside the restaurant after the activists brought tires to the restaurant entrance, lit fireworks and sprayed the walls with the words “People died here!” and “Where is your dignity?” The police made several arrests. All of the detainees were later released.

After the incident, the KFC chain announced that the restaurant would cease operations.

A number of other cafes opened in the building, but all closed amid protests.

The trade union federation recognized that it was a “mistake” to allow entertainment venues to open in the building.

Author: UNIAN