BCLC urges Ottawa to legalize sports activities betting for particular person occasions in Canada


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British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) urges Ottawa consist Invoice C-13, the legislation that would allow Canadians to enter into sports betting for individual events.

Currently, BC players can only place sports bets on individual events if they go over the limit Washington Casinos or on unregulated offshore websites. With sports betting legalized for individual events, BCLC denies that this game can be relocated to BC Casinos and its own PlayNow.com website, which focuses on player health and raises revenue to support provincial initiatives such as health, Education and community programs contribute.

PlayNow.com, owned and operated by BCLC, is the only regulated gambling website in BC. Legalizing single bets, the company said, would help quickly create a new set of sports betting opportunities that players are currently accessing on websites that operate illegally in the province.

Stewart GroumoutisBCLC’s Director of eGaming commented, “Our players have long wanted sports betting for individual events. For example this weekend is that Super bowl and our players just want to be able to bet on the winner, which they can’t under current legislation.

“We encourage the federal government to modernize the law so that we can offer our players single bets and generate additional income to support provincial programs.”

Long-term, BCLC said it would work with industrial, regulatory and government partners in land-based casinos and community gaming centers to introduce licensed sports betting in key markets. In addition, the company would consider improving sports betting offers at pubs across BC selling lottery products.

For example, players could place a wager on the outcome of the Canucks game and take part in their local bar or pub.

BCLC anticipates that sports betting for one-off events through online and land-based opportunities will generate an estimated $ 125 million to $ 175 million in additional revenue. In fiscal 2019/20, BCLC generated $ 1.3 billion in net income for the province thanks to the actors, helping to support education, community programs and health care.